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I start every blog post like this but, I know, it’s been awhile. I’ve been coming up with ideas for change, not just for this blog, but for my life in general. My current woes and future success all hinge on my understanding of my own creative process and not getting consumed by the process rather than the work itself. I spend so much time THINKING about what I should be writing on this blog that I don’t take the time out to write.

That said, as I work towards learning my own process, I find it fascinating to hear how someone else process works. The video below is an excerpt from John Lennon’s interview on the Dick Cavett show where an audience member asks him to describe is process (and how drugs have affected his songwriting). It’s incredible to hear an icon like Lennon describe how his style and process evolved over the years.

P.S. Change is coming. For now, this…




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Life is a funny thing. You see yourself doing all these things in your head, this image of how you want your life to be, and then you don’t do anything. I just read my last post from this blog which was dated, September 17, 2009. Over a year ago. And everything I wrote in that last post still applies to now. A year ago I was talking about making things happen. About how I’m going to get to that “place” that I’ve always desired to be, and here I am STILL thinking about making it happen.

What happened over the last year? Why hasn’t it happened?

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We Make it…

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Photo by Me.

Photo by Me.

Sorry to my readers ( all 10 of you), I’ve really neglected this blog over the past month. In past posts I’ve written about the highs and lows of my past summer trying to find the creative bug that has eluded me for the past few months. The intent of this blog is to try and inspire through my fleeting encounters with my muse, but I must say it’s difficult to inspire others when you’re not letting the muse work her magic on you.

I spent the last few months waiting for things to happen, waiting for inspiration to strike, when on this very blog I’ve said it can be found anywhere if you’re willing to look hard enough. Continue reading ‘We Make it…’

Adventures in Reality

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So I’ve returned from another Vegas trip, a place that I find to be just as draining as it can be rejuvenating. This trip was no different. My last trip was a barrage of random adventure that rejuvenated my love of chance and spontaneity. This trip gave me something else entirely.

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Look Alive

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DSC_0270_cropcolorAs if I’ve never said it before, it’s been awhile. This time I’ve got good reason. It’s been a crazy month, one filled with fun and opportunity.

I’ve been called ecclectic before, a description I find fitting (I actually never really knew what the word meant until I was called that recently). I call myself a lot of things; a writer, a filmmaker, an artist, a rock climber, a musician, an emcee…well now I can add one more to the list. Continue reading ‘Look Alive’

A Certain Shade of Green

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I feel like I start a lot of my posts this way but, it’s been awhile. Bear with me, I’ve got plenty to say this time around. Since my last post, Shaq has gone to the Cavs, political turmoil in Iran, Artest comes to the Lakers, Democrats have a super-majority, and 4 celebrities passed away. All this in a week and a half, it’s got me thinking. Continue reading ‘A Certain Shade of Green’

Adventures in Adventuring

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DSC_0226So I went to Vegas last weekend, a place that I’ve been to more than enough times. If there’s one thing I love about that town, it’s that no two visits are ever the same. Going with friends is different from going with my cousins, which is different from going with my parents, which is different from going with other friends.

This last trip was definitely an offshoot from the norm.

I go to Vegas every year with AS (the Anti-squared fam for those not in the know), and for the last few years we’ve rented out houses off the strip. Econimically sound, considering there are normally 20+ of us on any given trip, but it also means a drive and a hassle to go adventuring in all madness that Vegas has to offer. This year we decided to stay at Ceasar’s Palace on the strip.

24 friends.

4 rooms.

Countless possibilities.

Every time I return, I have my Vegas withdrawals. I miss the tables, the nightlife, the buffets, and the madness. This time around I found myself missing something entirely different. Continue reading ‘Adventures in Adventuring’